Bob Dylan Radio (Tin Drinking Music)

Tracks from B0b Dylan’s Radio Show 1964.
Here’s a fun fact for You, it was one year before Bob changed from acoustic to electric.

Mama Don T Allow It – Julia Lee

Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio – Les Brown & His Orchestra

Keep That Coffee Hot – Scatman Crothers

Me And The Devil Blues – Robert Johnson

Hound Dog – Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys

You Don’t Learn That In School – Nat King Cole

Long Distance Operator

Backwater Blues – Lonnie Johnson

Midnight Hour – Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

Good Morning Heartache – Billie Holiday

Across The Valley From The Alamo – June Christy With Stan Kenton & His Orch

The Fool – Sanford Clark

Fixin’ To Die Blues – Bukka White

Bibio or Stephen Wilkinson is an English music producer who first developed a passion for experimental music at university.

 He started off on Mush records then later moved to Warp (and when i say warp i don’t mean the bloody beetroots)
 Bibio mainly uses acoustics on his tracks but in his latest album “The Apple and the Tooth” he became a bit more electronic and don’t think of electronic as shitty beats that You heard at rats, think a bit more Avalanches meets a good crystal castles almost.

But anyway his Acoustic stuff really cooks so I’m going to be posting a bit of that as well as some of his electronic stuff.
I hope You guys enjoy it .

Rotten Rudd – Bibio
The Death Of A Trapeze Artist – Bibio
Dopplerton – Bibio
Haikuesque (When She Laughs – Bibio
Odd Paws – Bibio
Sugarette – Bibio
Lovers’ Carvings (Leatherette Remix) – Bibio
Weekend Wildfire – Bibio
The Ephemeral Bluebell
Palm Of Your Wave (Bibio Remix) – Bibio
Amongst The Bark And Fungus – Bibio

P.s It’s really good sleeping music.

Ham Sandwich

To make the Ham Sandwich You will need:

A roll or two slices of bread
Two to three slices of Ham.
Olive oil
White Wine Vinegar

Firstly You will need to make the dressing.
To do this, You will need to lightly coat the bottom of a bowl with olive oil.
 Next You’ll need to splash a light amount of white wine vinegar, not too much though, You don’t want to make it to dominate.
Thirdly You’ll need to place one teaspoon of mustard (dijon preferably)
Now take Your clove of garlic, remove then skin and then bash with the palm of You hand. This allows for the inner juices to really flow out.
And lastly take a pinch of salt and sprinkle into the bowl and stir lightly.

Now take Your roll or two slices of bread, cut Your roll in half (if using bread use the bottom half).
Place Your slices of ham on the base and then place some lettuce on top.
Take Your tomato and cut in thin slices, take a few and place evenly over the lettuce.
Finally remove the cloves of garlic and sprinkle on top.

You have now completed a successful ham sandwich. 

Sandwich Music.

La Ritournelle -Sebastian Tellier
High – KRL
All Tomorrow’s Parties – The Velvet Underground
Well It’s A Pleasure – Koljah
I Used To Love H.E.R – Common

Welcome to Bitches Brew

Well here starts another adventure.
Back into the blog world, only this time it’s different.
This time it isn’t to show off my ‘cool’ music or boost popularity in the scene.
I’m just doing it as a distraction and a moment to relax from my ‘oh so hectic life’.
Just to show this change.
Right now i honestly feel like sucking down a brew and taking a massive dump but I’ve decided to turn away from my internet porn to distract You bastards for a moment.
Don’t expect something deep and philosophical, the only thing I’ll be talking about is what i ate for lunch or what i think of this song.
Maybe every now and then I’ll post something i think is high on the kouta scale.
But it will mostly be very minimal and brief, it’s better that way.
I don’t really have anything to say about these tracks, it’s a couple i whipped up and thought.
“Instead of turning this into a mix, why don’t i recreate my blog and post them on there”.
And from that, now this.
It’s a few funky tracks, a mixture of hip-hop beats to ambient shit.
Hopefully it will provoke some level of interest for You suckers.
Enjoy and love.

Accordian – Mad Villain

Something In The Way She Moves – S.maharba

Get Off My Case – Comateens

Fuersattel – Boozoo Bajou

Amongst The Bark And Fungus – Bibio

I Just Wanna Chill – Large Professor

Spin – Impossible Dreamers

p.s the image isn’t some cool ass hipster shit, it’s some painting done by Basquiat….well i guess it’s a little bit hipster if i point that out.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!